Voting Rules


Since Emoji DAO (core team of LoserChick) was founded, we maintain ‘decentralization’ as our core value. The fundamental goal of LoserChick is to build a fairness and transparency community.

Since LoserChick was launched in July 2021, more and more members have joined our community and contributed with enthusiasm and passions. For long term community growth, the Emoji DAO team decided to issue the LoserChick community voting mechanism. In the end, we will transfer the power to navigate the whole project to the community.

The whole process will be separated into two stages:

Stage 1: Present to Dec. 31th 2021

At this stage, all the LIPs(LoserChick improvement proposal) will be issued by the core team members. All communities can vote on the proposals that are issued. The LIPs have the following powers:

1.Adjust the parameters of the contracts.

2.The choice of community cooperation.

3.Adjust the rules and thresholds in this guide.

Notification: All the following voting rules in this document will only define the Stage 1 policy. The Stage 2 policy will be issued and voted on by the whole community 30 days before Stage 1 ends.

Stage 2: After Jan. 1st 2022

After Jan. 1st 2022, the whole project will be dominated by the community. Every qualified member will have the power to make his/her voice heard and contribute to the whole ecosystem.

II.Proposal Classification

There will be two types of proposal: Temperature Check and LIP( LoserChick improvement proposal).

1.Temperature Check. Basically, Temperature Check can be viewed as a poll to clarify the interest and attitude among the communities. Every community member who passed the threshold can post a temperature check and let the communities vote on it.

2. LIP. LIP will be based on the common wills of the whole community, including some of the temperature checks passed. In stage 1, only the core team members have the power to post an LIP. After that, every qualified community member would have that power too.

Voting Mechnisam

The voting power will be calculated based on the TrumpChick NFT that a community member has. Each TrumpChick NFT will represent one vote, and both located in the wallet and in the mining contract will be calculated.

III.Rules of posting a temperature check and voting processes.

1.Every community member who has not less than 100 voting powers can post a temperature check on the LoserChick snapshot space. ( )

2.In order to get more community members involved, the duration of a temperature check should not be less than 24 hours. Otherwise, the result will not have the qualification to become an LIP.

3.While a temperature check had a result of not less than 27,000 voting power, the core team should respond to it and work out an LIP to meet the will of the community.

IV.Rules of posting an LIP and voting processes.

1.After an LIP is issued, every community member will have no less than 24 hours to vote on it.

2.The voting result should pass a threshold before it can be executed. The threshold will be settled based on the amount of circulating TrumpChick NFTs:

  • Circulating TrumpChick less than 400K, the threshold will be settled at 12,700.

  • Circulating TrumpChick not less than 400K and less than 800K, the threshold will be settled at 27,000.

  • Circulating TrumpChick not less than 800K, the threshold will be settled at 53,800.

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