‘Fi’ is the core spirit of ‘GameFi’.The success of an on-chain game is not only the product elements such as rules and gameplay, UI & UE design, but also a healthy and benign game economic system is a crucial influencing factor. The original intention of LoserChick is to create an easy-to-operate, low-cost and sustainable participation game for blockchain game users. With this original intention, LoserChick has built a set of tokenomics with fair and equal opportunity.

Tokenomics Structure

The tokens in the LoserChick economic system consist of two parts: Circulating tokens and Non-circulating tokens.

Circulating tokens:$CHICK, $EGG, LoserChick NFTs

Non-circulating tokens: $cCHICK, $cEGG

Among them, circulating tokens are used to support the anchoring of asset values. Non-circulating tokens are used for the counting function in the "Claw the Egg" part of the game, and are the intermediary data in the swapping process from $CHICK to $EGG.

Token Information and Functions


  • Token Symbol:$CHICK

  • Max Supply:13,333,333

  • Decimals:18

  • Contract address: 0x9e725Cf7265D12fd5f59499AFf1258CA92CAc74d

$CHICK is the base value token of the LoserChick ecosystem. LoserChick will first be deployed on the Polygon Network and mint 71.73% (9,564,000 $CHICK) of the max supply (ERC-20 standard token). The remaining 28.27% of the max supply (3,769,333 $CHICK) will be issued on non-Polygon chain (BSC, Ethereum Layer 2, Heco Chain, etc.) after LoserChick has been running on Polygon for a period of time and cross-chain deployment has been completed.


  • Token Symbol:$EGG

  • Max Supply:7,000,000

  • Decimals:18

  • Contract address: 0x245e5ddb65eFea6522Fa913229dF1f4957fB2e21

The $EGG tokens are used by the user in the "Mint NFT" module of the game. For every "Mint NFT" action, the user will burn 1 $EGG token, and then be possible to get a LoserChick NFT at random.

LoserChick NFTs

LoserChick NFTs are the core value carriers of the entire ecosystem. Whether they are $CHICK or $EGG tokens, their value will be realized by generating individual NFT ultimately. In the world of LoserChick, there are 5 types of "chicks" (NFTs). Each "chick" has its own specific amount and characteristic properties. Their value will ultimately be determined by the scarcity and the additional special properties. LoserChick NFTs Type and Quantity Limit



Polygon Issuance

Shrieking Chick



Lucky Chick



Labor Chick



Boss Chick



Trump Chick




$cCHICK is a functional token used in the "Claw the Egg" game on the LoserChick platform. Every time a player performs an "Claw the Egg" operation, he needs to burn 1 $cCHICK. $cCHICK balance is stored in the centralized server, and users can check the $cCHICK balance in the "Claw the Egg" game interface. When the $cCHICK balance of your account is below 1, you will not be able to start the "Claw the Egg" game. After the conversion is completed, the corresponding amount of $CHICKs in the wallet will be destroyed.


Similar to $cCHICK, $cEGG is also a functional token on the LoserChick platform. Every time a player successfully acquires an "Egg" in the "Claw the Egg" game, the balance of $cEGG in the account will be increased by 1 token. The $cEGG acquired cannot be directly used for "Mint NFT" operation, but must swap to $EGG tokens in a 1:1 ratio on-chain firstly, then could be used.

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