• Token Symbol:$EGG

  • Max Supply:7,000,000

  • Decimals:18

  • Contract address: 0x245e5ddb65eFea6522Fa913229dF1f4957fB2e21

The $EGG tokens are used by the user in the "Mint NFT" module of the game. For every "Mint NFT" action, the user will burn 1 $EGG token, and then be possible to get a LoserChick NFT at random. All $EGG tokens are minted through the game's "Claw the Egg" process (see Figure 1). For LoserChick players, there are two ways to get $EGG:

  • Hold $CHICK to participate in the "Claw the Egg" game, and get $EGG tokens after catching.

  • By $EGG from liquidity pools on DEXs.

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