EGG-USDC LP Mining(Quickswap)

On August 18, 2021, QuickSwap officially provided liquidity support to LoserChick, supporting EGG-USDC LP and EGG-QUICK LP Pools.

This tutorial will introduce how to add EGG-USDC LP to mine QUICK in Quickswap. EGG-QUICK LP to mine QUICK is similar to this.

Quickswap website:

How to add liquidity

1.Click the third button "pool" in the navigation bar to enter the liquidity screen, and click ”Add Liquidity“ to add liquidity.

2.Select EGG-USDC and enter the amount. Click Supply and confirm in the wallet. Afterwards, click on "Confirm" and you will be able to add the liquidity of EGG-USDC and get the LP credentials.

Stake EGG—USDC LP for mining in Quickswap

1.Click on the "Rewards" button in the navigation bar to access the quickswap liquidity pool.You can also access through the following link:

2.After entering the mining screen, click "Deposit" to stake LP. Click "MAX", then click "Approve", click "Enter an amount", and wait for completion.

If you want to cancel the LP stake mining, click the "Withdraw" button to remove the LP, then you can go back to the liquidity pool interface and cancel the EGG-USDC liquidity.

Stake Information and Earnings View

Click on the "Rewards" button in the navigation bar to see the pledged information and click on "Manage" to proceed.

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