Claw Crane GameFi

I. DEGO - no one can refuse to scratch

How hot the NFT was in March and April this year, how marvelous DEGO was last year.

Last September,DEGO gave out airdrop NFT to tens of thousands of addresses, when a number of people did not take too much attention to it cause most project had giveaway. No one care the free stuffs.At first, most of the players were not willing to pay the gas fee to claim it—ETH gas was very costly.

But no one expected that this gas, which is rejected by people, is the key point of DEGO,the wealth effect of some people, which makes the nature of the airdrop from a free gift to a blind box, a gamble.

A small gamble is also a gamble, and it is easy to be unstoppable when you continue to open the blind box, so people are overwhelmed, and DEGO has become popular, and named as "blockchain scratchers”.

The psychology of consumers is so wonderful: no one wants it when it was free, but a low-cost gamble will make people get hooked,and they just can't stop.This kind of throwing out a minnow to catch a whale gamble is the root of DEGO's success.

But this is not DEGO’s original, because we have played a more understanding of human nature and more addictive game—claw crane.

II. Why does claw crane make people just out of their head?

Why does everyone love claw crane? Why is it so addictive to have another shot?

The reason is that it is a game that "creates surprise and makes people happy". It can constantly stimulate our desire to claw again, and many people think that next time we can definitely claw it,so this kind of thinking make they empty a whole box of game coins.

The claw crane of our real world just got countless consumers because of this psychological effect. People naturally seek happiness, and claw crane can bring the purest "surprise and satisfaction", there is still hope for those who did not claw, and those who did can reap the long-awaited happiness. This happy and mind blowing attributes is the essential of the enduring claw crane.

But why the online claw crane cannot have the same effect like the real world do? Why?

The root cause is the ”surprise delay", the online one can not bring the feeling of throwing out a minnow to catch a whale and satisfaction. Compared to offline instant gratification and sensory stimulation, online claw crane can copy the claw crane model, but can never replicate the most direct surprise satisfaction brought by offline game, because even if you catch the online doll, you have to wait a few days to get,and at that time,this sudden surprise feeling has already gone.

After all, what makes the claw crane so popular is not the doll, but the leverage effect, so that people can not stop the sense of the mind blowing.

III. The on-chain claw crane

Blockchain, DeFi and NFT, the perfect solution to this problem, the brand new on-chain claw crane just makes more people can not stop.

This article will take "LoserChick" as an example to deeply analyze the first global “claw crane" on-chain game and the fundamental reason why it makes people can't stop once they get started.

LoserChick is the first global “claw crane" on-chain game created by Emoji DAO, which combines NFT and Defi with the advantages of the on-chain game, giving the model a better playability and finance, and also gives a great liquidity and tradability to the "goods" in it—the "dolls" clawed not only belong to you immediately, but also can be sold immediately in the secondary market to gain massive wealth, which is a double surprise that is even better than the thrill of a tradable blind box.

IV. How does LoserChick make you don’t want to stop?

1) The ultimate deflationary design—a coin operated game that helps you make money

The secret to keep people coming back is to give hope and create surprises, and LoserChick has grasped this point well.

The game has two tokens: $CHICK and $EGG. Players need to use $CHICK to claw $EGG, and then all $EGG can be minted NFT, just as exciting as opening a blind box.

In order to benefit all players, Emoji DAO has designed a efficient burning mechanism in the game, every player's action will be accompanied by the burning of tokens, which is the key to achieve all players benefit and mind blowing.The mechanism is as follows.

Max supply of $CHICK: 13,333,333

Max supply of $EGG:7,000,000

The amount of LoserChick NFTs: 4,100,095

The number of tokens is fixed and will never be increased.

A fixed number of tokens with an efficient burning mechanism means that the entire economic model is extreme deflation. It also means that every time you use $CHICK to claw $EGG, you are increase the value of the remaining tokens.

Under such a extreme deflation mechanism, players' future expectations are increasing, and the leverage is rising step by step.

And deflation also allows those who participated in the project in the early stage will gain more revenue, especially those players who have participated in genesis mining, they have more tokens in their hands than other players, and naturally they can further enjoy the profits brought by token appreciation, and realize the status that is making money for players.

We have played countless coin-operated games since we were kids.

In the game hall, every game coin we buy is helping the game hall owner to make money.

At LoserChick, every coin we buy is helping us make money for ourselves.

This is the charm of the extreme deflation mechanism.

2) fair launch—protecting the community from capital and giant whales

At the same time, we have seen many projects that after the participation of the whale capital in the early mining stage, the whole community is drained by the whale, and they finally abandoned the community. How to avoid such a tragedy?

LoserChick has chosen a truly fair distribution, which is to avoid capital and whale and to benefit ordinary players.

The mining rules stipulate that the maximum mining amount for a single account is only 1888 USDC, and the mining whitelist is strictly gated to eliminate bot accounts.

This rule limits capitals and whales and protects ordinary players.

3) When you claw $EGG, will you use it to mint NFT or just sell it? This is a good question.

Now that we have to gamble and want more, then we have to do something more exciting, and this exciting point is the design of EGG tokens.

First of all, the economic model focuses on incentivizing the trading and liquidity of $EGG. After genesis mining, the system will provide the mining pool for EGG-USDC LP staking mining.

In contrast, $CHICK got another experience, because the core function of $CHICK is to play games, and the economic model discourages speculation on CHICK.

And you'll find that $EGG has more value, after all, it's a prize for clawing crane!

In addition to the value of trading and liquidity, the process of using EGG to mint NFT is even more exciting.

Every time you mint NFT, it's like opening a blind box - your EGG is thrown into an alchemy bucket, and after some tumbling and refining, it may open up the top NFT that makes you rich overnight, or it may leave you with nothing,no matter you claim NFTs or not,$EGG will be burnt anyway.

Mind blowing? Stinging or not?

When you claw an EGG, you have to make a choice.

Is it staking mining?

Or sell it for cash?

Or risk it by playing a scratcher and refining and minting NFT?

Which one do you want to choose? This is a question.

4) NFT - efficient revenue aggregation and expectations.

Why are people willing to play claw crane all the time?

Because there is revenue expectation in it—dolls, and LoserChick aggregates the revenue on each NFT.

As the topmost asset of the whole game, NFT naturally has the attribute of revenue aggregation property. The value after each deflationary step of egg clawing and egg smashing will eventually coalesce in the NFTs minted without discrimination. And these NFTs will be grasped by each different player to the maximum extent, truly realizing the revenue sharing.

Imagine, if you are lucky enough, you can have a perpetual motion machine in LoserChick: one $CHICK for one $EGG, one $EGG can mint an NFT, and then use the NFT to mine $CHICK... And this will happen on the chain, no one can change it.

5) All man like beauty

Is LoserChick only got he game mechanics for mind blowing? No,not really.

The creator, Emoji DAO, has their team members from all over the world, including artists and art enthusiasts.On the one hand, they study traditional art styles and follow old-school European and American visuals. On the other hand, they just have the integration of different countries and regions also makes the overall art style more layered and individual.

For this age, good-looking could make success realize faster. So, as soon as you start play LoserChick game, you will be convinced by the fine workmanship and art style.

6) Every player is NFT

Let people identify with you in order to make people pay the bill.

LoserChick puts this sense of identity more on NFT.

There are five types of NFT in the game,each with its own different tragic story, which comes from the members themselves and more from the ordinary people around them.

The background of the story refers to the famous "Monster Inc.”, in which monsters get electricity through the scream of children, while in LoserChick, all the energy depends on the screams of "chicks", and the more miserable screams can generate the more powerful electricity. The level of NFTs is base on it. And it’s an important basis for the efficiency of mining in the game.

All NFTs are divided into five levels. Trump Chick, Boss Chick, Labor Chick, Lucky Chick and Shrieking Chick. When the minting is successful, the player will get one randomly. With the dynamic special effects, players can't stop once they get started.

Empathy comes from participation.Emoji DAO organizes a contest named ”Who is the most miserable people” in the community to collect miserable stories from community members and customize NFTs for them. "community members.

So when we see our own in it, there is no need to be surprised at all, because LoserChick represents just thousands of ordinary people.

V. NFT of LoserChick,we are different

1) The biggest consensus of the cohesive crypto culture

Why does the NFT in LoserChick make people don’t want to stop?

In addition to its own value, aesthetics, design, and the content mentioned above, NFT is also the core of the entire LoserChick culture and soul.

LoserChick promotes equal, where each NFT represents a group of people, and if you read carefully, you will find that the "chick" experience will be somewhat similar to your own. This is the most valuable asset in this game - the common memories and emotions of every man.

The members of Emoji DAO finally chose “Chick” as the image of NFT, because they believe that there will be a big IP of chick in the crypto world, and there will be a top meme that will sweep the world. At the same time, we want to let those whales and capital know that ordinary people can also create the most remarkable NFT on-chain game.

2) DeFi-enhanced value expectation

Excess expectation is the only way to make people keep pouring into the game.

LoserChick has done this very well.

The integration of Defi has given NFT a new function, allowing players to staking every NFT and gaining high revenue, which further increases the profitability of NFT.

When CHICK and EGG are constantly being burnt and the price goes up, guess what the value of NFT that can mine minerals for CHICK is expected to be?

What's more, the game also planned in advance to follow more sub-modules, such as claw basketball, minting NBA stars NFT, claw stars, minting interstellar battleship NFT, etc. In short, everything can be clawed, the future from the birth of a new NFT release mode—C claw O, it is not certain.

When these new sub-modules join the LoserChick ecosystem, the first batch of chick NFT will become their most important "shovel", which can dig out all the new module game tokens.

Say it by yourself, are these NFTs worth?

In addition to the basic DeFi mining, the team will also gradually add DeFi such as lending and leasing, creating ample financial functions for chick NFT.

With the support of "instant surprise" and "surprise extension",there is nothing could stop the heat of the claw crane on-chain game?

3) DAO governed by NFT—the real development way of GameFi

LoserChick was launched in the form of fair launch, and be away from capital and whales, in order to get more players involved and make a real community governance project.

In LoserChick, the community governance apartment is called the "chick council", and all major decisions of the project and community are voted by the community council. When the project and the community grow up, the vote right will become very valuable. This precious voting power naturally comes from the core asset of the game—NFT.

At that time, NFT governance gives everyone the right to vote which is more meaningful than the simple scratchers.

Imagine how you would vote when a well-known project wishes to launch its own NFT through scratching?


Or reject it?

As long as you have NFT in hand, it's your call.

VI. Come and play, what are you waiting for?

Both DEGO and offline claw crane have achieved a clever way to make people keep coming back for more when they have fun. The original online claw crane failed because it weakened the degree of "fun".

As a masterpiece of GameFi in blockchain era, LoserChick integrates clawing crane, opening blind boxes, mining and voting governance together, and under the support of the ultimate dual token deflation model, what it brings to players is no longer the momentary "surprise and satisfaction", but also the visible excess revenue and future expectation.

More importantly, the extreme deflation and fair launch ensure that everyone is helping themselves to money.

This is what makes players reach the status of mind blowing, and these factors also predestine LoserChick to be the breakout hit of the GameFi era.

So, what are you waiting for?

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