USDC Cross-Chain Guide

Users who have listed in the LoserChick genesis mining whitelist can participate in the genesis mining, and one address can stake 1888 USDC at most.

1.Log in to Polygon web wallet

1.Log in to Polygon web wallet To log in to the Polygon web wallet, you need to visit the following URL:

Select the corresponding wallet to log in. Currently, Polygon web wallet supports MetaMask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet.

After connecting your account with the Web wallet, you will be navigated to the login page, and you can view all the token balances on the Matic wallet through the cross-chain bridge.

2.Deposit funds from Ethereum to Polygon mainnet

Click the "Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon" button, or you can find "USD Coin" in the "Balances on Polygon mainnet" and click "Deposit".

After clicking "Deposit", jump to the following interface and select USD Coin;

Enter the amount of USDC cross-chain from ETH to Polygon, here enter 1900 USDC (During the LoserChick creation and mining period, a whitelisted address pledged up to 1888 USDC).

Read "Important" and click "Continue".

The deposit process requires two transactions to be completed, namely "Approve deposit" and "Complete deposit". This process will consume Gas. After confirming, click "Continue".

Click "Continue" after confirming the transaction

Waiting for wallet approve

Wait for the transaction confirmation to complete the cross-chain exchange of USDC from Ethereum to Polygon network.

Back to the homepage,

Confirm that the asset has been successfully cross-chain.

3.Add USDC contract address in the wallet

Open the wallet and click "Add Token".

Enter the USDC (Polygon) contract address:


Click "Next".

Click "Add Token"

USDC added successfully

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