LoserChick EGG-USDC LP mining will be officially launched on August 8th, 2021 at 20:00 UTC, this tutorial will show you how to participate in EGG-USDC LP mining.

1.Connect to your wallet and select the Polygon (matic) network.

2.Open Quickswap, click on "Pools" and click on “Add Liquidity” to enter the “Liquidity Provider” page.

Quickswap is available at

3. Select EGG and USDC to add a combination of liquidity tokens.

Input the quantity, click “Supply”, prove and confirm in the wallet, and you are done with the LP.

4.After finishing adding, players can manage the added liquidity in the pool page, click “Manage” to enter the detail page to view the changes in revenue and liquidity.

5.In the “Manage” page, click the “Add” button to continue adding liquidity to the pool, and if you want to remove the liquidity, then simply click “remove” button.

II. LP mining in LoserChick

1. After adding liquidity in quickswap, you can stake mining with the obtained LP credentials. 2. Click on “$Chick Mining” button of the game, find the “EGG-USDC LP” board, click “Approve” and confirm in your wallet.

2.Click on “Stake” and input the number of LPs you want to stake to start LP stake mining.

3.Click Stake, enter the number of LPs you want to stake, and start LP stake mining

4.After you finish staking, you can see the details and earnings, and click “Claim” to withdraw $CHICK earnings you have earned.

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