LoserChick NFT Mining

Chicks, LoserChick NFT mining is here! Are you ready? This tutorial will show you how to use the NFT in your hands to mine.

1.Open the game, connect to your wallet, and click “$Chick Mining” button on the navigation bar to enter the mining page.

2.Click on the corresponding NFT image, then you can choose the corresponding NFT for mining, here take TrumpChick as an example, click “Approve” and confirm in the wallet to complete the approval.

3.After completing the approval, click “Stake” and confirm in the wallet, you can start mining. Idle means the number of TrumpChick currently available for mining.

(Stake up to 30 NFTs at a time, the NFTs involved in mining will not be available for sale, after the cancellation of mining, it could be for sale).

4.After participating in mining, click on the corresponding NFT image to enter the detail page to view the current NFT mining status. The numbers in the red cicle in turn represents : the amount of NFT staked for the specific level, the amount of your NFT staked, and the amount of undelegated NFTs .

Click the “Unstake”button below to redeem the NFT in mining at any time.

5.In the NFT mining page can clearly see the current level of NFT mining APY and current revenue. NAPY means Annual Per NFT Yield, Unclaimed means the withdrawable amount of $CHICK.

Click the “Claim” button to claim the earned CHICK revenue.

Note:ShriekingChick,LuckChick,LaborChick,BossChick mining tutorials is the same as TrumpChick.Please refer to this tutorial.

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