Egg Clawing Guide

Swap $CHICK to $cCHICK
Before clawing eggs, you need to swap $CHICK into $cCHICK to use in the game Click on "Crazy Claw" and click "GO" to enter the egg clawing screen.
● Click "+" to swap $CHICK to $cCHICK.
● Enter the number of $cCHICK to be swap, confirm and click "Swap".
play the game
● Click "Start" after confirming the successful swap of "$cCHICK".
● Burn 1 $cCHICK to start
● When the game starts, the game will enter a "30s" countdown.
● Use the button to switch the viewpoint to claw eggs.
● The number of cEGG will be "+1" when the egg is clawed.
Eazy job!
Swaping $cEGG to $EGG and withdrawing it to the wallet
● find the button in the figure and click on it.
● Click "Claim" to swap $cEGG to $EGG;
● Waiting for confirmation that the swap was successful.
● In the wallet, view the received $EGG.
$EGG contract address: