Genesis mining

LoserChick Genesis Mining is open to all whitelisted addresses. During Genesis Mining, users can mine $CHICK by staking $USDC.
Maximum stake amount for a single account: 1,888 $USDC
Add $CHICK contract address:
Add $USDC contract address:
How to participate in Genesis Mining Whitelist?
● Open app.loserchick.fi and click on "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner of LoserChick.
● Click on "Approve", jump to the wallet and click on "Confirm".
● Click "Stake" after getting the wallet approved.
● Enter the amount of $USDC to be deposited, confirm and click Stake (whitelisted addresses can be pledged up to $1,888 USD);
● Stake $USDC Success
● The $CHICKs mined can be collected to your wallet account by clicking on "Claim".
● Open the Metamask wallet and confirm the arrival of $CHICK.
How do I remove the staked $USDC?
● To retrieve $USDC from the contract, click on "Unstake".
● Enter the number of $USDCs to retrieve and click "unstake".
● Open the Metamask wallet and confirm the arrival of $CHICK.